November 14, 2015

Lions Aid Locals in Need

Columbia alumni spent the first few hours of Nov. 14th helping the "Ricesticks and Tea" organization feed Asian Americans in need.

On the brisk and windy morning of November 14th, 2015, some noble Lions arrived at Arlington Street Church in downtown Boston to help pack and distribute food to locals in need.  Working with "Ricesticks and Tea," the group helped feed over 100 Asian American families in need.  We organized donated food, combined traditional Asian ingredients into bags, and handed these out to a long line of grateful families.  The organizers were very happy with our help, and we got to know them better over dim sum in Chinatown after the event.  Everyone had such a good time that we may institute a regular rotation of volunteer events with Ricesticks, so keep a lookout for future events!


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