April 22, 2018

2018 Book Award Program

The Columbia Alumni Association of Boston is one of the few local associations to recognize and reward bright young minds through an annual Columbia Book Award Program. This award is presented annually to outstanding juniors and seniors at local high schools to acknowledge their commitment to excellence, and to motivate them to consider Columbia in their college search

Thanks to the generosity and support of our local Columbia community, this program has been a huge success year after year. We hope that this year will be no exception. This year’s book will be The Attention Merchants: The Epic Scramble to Get Inside Our Heads by Columbia Professor Tim Wu.

If you are able to help empower students through an award, please follow the link below to contribute to the fund.  We welcome donations of any size, and a value of $50 will cover the cost of one complete Book Award. You can find more information about the program and the donation link here.

If you have any questions, you may email us or refer to this FAQ page.

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