Book Awards

We are excited for the Columbia Alumni Association of Boston's Book Award Program for 2024!

Annually the CAAB presents a book to outstanding juniors or seniors at area high schools.  This award acknowledges young peoples' commitment to excellence and galvanizes them to seek further opportunities for learning. 

Previous book chosen include 

  • "My Own Words" - Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • "Rescuing Socrates" - Roosevelt Montas
  • "Words on the Move" - John McWhorter
  • "Spaceman" - Mike Massimino
  • "The Second Founding" - Eric Foner
  • "The Great Divide" - Joseph Stiglitz
  • "The Attention Merchants" - Tim Wu

 This year's book will be determined shortly. Suggestions welcome at [email protected].


To make the Book Award program possible, CAAB needs your financial support. Without it, we won’t be able to provide impactful books to high achieving students at participating Boston-area schools by awarding them a thoughtfully selected book by a Columbia-affiliated author.

Any donation is welcome, but a value of $50 will cover the cost of one complete Book Award. Won’t you please consider donating?  

Give what you can here:



"I wanted to tell you thank you so much for the Columbia University book award, I really appreciate it and it is a huge honor. It meant a lot to met to receive this award, and I'm excited to read the book that comes with it, it seems like a great read."

--Milton High School student

"Thank you for recognizing my hardwork and dedication towards my education and academic success. It is an honor to be awarded the Columbia Book Award."

-- Clinton High School student




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