Penn-Columbia Softball Team

Join us Friday evenings throughout the summer for the Ivy+ Alumni Softball League!

The Ivy League Alumni Coed Softball League was founded in the 1980s to provide the opportunity for alumni of all ages and ability, male and female, to meet and network with other Ivy League alum---this networking event just happens to take place on a softball field!  It was decided that a restricted flight ball was to be used, with the goal being for everyone to get a hit and for everyone to have fun!  A 4-swing rule was set, teams pitched to themselves with a defensive pitcher standing within 6-8 feet of the offensive pitcher to field the "beginner hits," seven men and three women were to be on the field at all times, and getting together socially after the game was encouraged.  

The league concept was brought from Washington, DC to Boston by a Princeton alum in the early 1990s.  We have had three decades of games since then, providing a fun and competitive evening spent with fellow alumni.

Since 2015, the Columbia Alumni Lions and University of Pennsylvania Alumni Quakers have played together as the Penn-Columbia Alumni Quaking Lions!  

This league provides a unique opportunity to get together with other alumni, and it is a privilege, not a right, to be invited to play here!  If winning a softball game is the priority, there are numerous USA Coed Softball and men's leagues available with rules and umpires where a high level of softball can be played!  While playing in the Ivy Alumni league, players must treat other players in the manner in which you would like to be treated and remember that the other people on the field could be a teammate's wife or daughter, best friend or husband---play in a courteous and respectful manner so everyone can have fun and no one gets hurt!

Games are typically competitive but social, with players a wide range of experience. Games last about two hours, and team members will oftentimes get food and drinks together after games. If you'd like to be a reserve player and mostly come out for the social aspect, that is more than welcome. Anyone willing to take on important roles such as team DJ (managing batter walk out songs), snack/hydration/social coordination, mascot or just general cheerleading?  Even better. Wear school swag and come enjoy the game!

Meet and Greet: TBA

Spring Training and "Try-Outs": TBA

Schedule: 2024 season runs from June to August 2024 (TBA).

All-Stars Game: TBA

Playoffs and Championship:  TBA

Fields: TBA

For more information, contact Dom

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