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Officers & Directors

  • President: John Mullervy 2000SEAS
  • Vice President: Karen J. Kalina 1994BUS
  • Treasurer: Jack O’Loughlin 1981CC
  • Secretary: Leonard Robinson 2013SEAS*
  • Membership Chair: Dominic Tong 1984P&S
  • Book Awards: Ben Nudelmen 1981CC
  • Communication Officer: Moira Freeman 2012CC*
  • Vice President & Past President: Stephen Kane 1980CC, 1983LAW
  • Vice President & Past President: Steven Coleman 1983CC
  • Director: Dominic Yee 2006GSAS
  • Director: Joseph Ciulla 1980CC
  • Director: Max Bauer 2007CC
  • Director: Sophea Chau 2006CC

Board of Advisors

  • Paul Boghosian 1969BUS
  • Yelena Dudochkin 1998CC
  • Will Eisner 1997CC
  • Diana Ramos 2013SIPA
  • Adam Towvim 1992CC
  • George Papayannis 2003TC

* Member of Recent Alumni Committee.

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