About | Columbia Alumni Association of Boston

The mission and purpose of Columbia Alumni Association of Boston, Inc. is to foster and strengthen the relationship between Columbia University and alumni of all her schools and divisions by: 

• Connecting alumni through planning of a variety of educational, cultural, and social programs; 

• Building a partnership serving as a channel of communications between the University and her alumni; 

• Renewing and broadening Columbia connections through social and intellectual activities;

• Fostering relationships among members of the Columbia family; 

• Developing a diverse, active, and informed alumni community in the Boston and New England area; 

• Increasing the level of financial support to the University and to CAA of Boston’s endowed scholarship for New England undergraduate students;

• Guiding outstanding students to the University; 

• Building loyalty, pride, and alumni involvement in the life of the University; and  

• Acting as ambassadors of Columbia University.