Alumni Center

Your home in Morningside Heights, the Columbia Alumni Center is located on 113th Street between Broadway and Riverside.  Browse the latest campus periodicals, relax in the lounge with a cup of coffee, peruse Columbiana exhibits in the library, and use the computers and printers in the business center. 

Whether you want to know about campus today, your alumni benefits, or what’s going on with the CAA, the Alumni Center is your concierge – offering entryway to Columbia and the CAA.

Visit for more information and open hours.

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  • Fainna Solasko
    commented 2015-07-02 09:52:06 -0400

    I would very much like to have an e-mail address so that I might ask a question, as I do not see a “Contact Us” box anywhere on your site.

    Strangely (to a younger generation), I find no need for Facebook, Twitter, etc., since I like to actually talk to my friends — over the phone if we are not able to meet.

    With all best wishes,

    Fainna Solasko, Class of 1951

    [email protected]