Carl Marci, Columbia Alumni in Boston

Dr. Marci is a physician, scientist, entrepreneur, and author of the book, Rewired: Protecting Your Brain in the Digital Age (Harvard University Press, 2022).  He is currently the Chief Psychiatrist and Managing Director of Mental Health and Neuroscience at OM1, a venture backed health technology and data company based in Boston, MA.  He is also a board-certified psychiatrist part-time at Massachusetts General Hospital and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and advises several investment groups and early-stage companies. 

Previously, Dr. Marci was Chief Psychiatrist or Chief Medical Officer at a number of early-stage venture backed health and technology companies and he is the co-founder and former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Innerscope Research, a pioneer in the field of consumer neuroscience. Innerscope Research was a data science and media research firm acquired by Nielsen in 2015, where he served as executive vice president and the first Global Chief Neuroscientist until 2019. 

Dr. Marci received his B.A. with honors from Columbia University, his M.A. from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, and his M.D. with honors from Harvard Medical School. He completed two NIH fellowships in neuroscience and has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed science journals, holds seven patents, gives lectures nationally and internationally and was recently selected as the PharmaVoice 100 leaders shaping the future of healthcare in the U.S. He is also a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network as a 2014 Henry Crown Fellow.

Brief Description of Time at Columbia

I came from a suburb of a small town in Pennsylvania and was a pretty good athlete in high school.  I was captain of the basketball team and track & field teams and thinking about going to college as a premed student.  I will never forget the day I got a phone call from the track coach, Kevin McGill, at Columbia University.  He started talking about what a great school Columbia was and how he was building the track program.  He said he needed a high jumper and would I come and visit the team?  That was a transformative moment for me.

I loved my four years at Columbia and the track & field team became my family away from home.  We did everything together and trained year-round for both outdoor and indoor seasons.  We studied hard, too, as several of the team members where pre-med.  I learned a lot from the older students on the team my freshman year and tried to pass down that wisdom when I became co-captain senior year.  I also loved living and studying on an urban campus in the heart of New York City – so much energy and excitement.  I had opportunities at Columbia that just were not available in other places such as my internship with the New York City Department of Public Health.  I helped do research for a non-profit that was serving homebound people with AIDS.  It was challenging work but it really helped shape me as a maturing young adult.

Favorite Things About Living in Boston

I was very fortunate to go to Harvard Medical School and I fell in love with Boston immediately.  Boston is such a wonderful city for a number of reasons.  It is well managed, architecturally stunning, and well situated for travel either around the many great places in the region, like the Cape and the Islands, or nationally and internationally.  It is also a very intellectual city with great restaurants and lots of events.  Oh, and every fall, there is an influx of young, smart students who come for the many great colleges and universities.  It is sort of like a fountain of youth for the city and those who embrace it.

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