September 30, 2014

Columbia Connects Cambridge

On September 17, more than 75 Columbia alums from the Greater Boston area gathered in Cambridge's Central Square for this year's Columbia Connects. The graduates swapped tales of their time in Morningside Heights and shared stories about their adopted home by the Charles River.

The Boston Columbia Connects & Welcome to 2014 Graduates event on September 17 was a great success.  As is often the case with the CAA of Boston, Boston meant Cambridge.  Over 75 Columbia alumni from all schools & divisions gathered at Tavern in the Square in Central Square to meet old friends, make new friends & reconnect with fellow alumni.  Alumni arrived by T, by bike, by car, and by foot.

The Class of 2014 meet the Class of 1964 and many classes in between. We filled two rooms of Tavern in the Square with conversation and networking.  For several it was their first CAA of Boston event & we hope they attend future events.  For other veteran attendees, we know we will see them again.

Watch your e-mails for announcements of future events, including an Author of the Year event honoring Andre Dubus III in November and the Columbia at Harvard Football tailgate on November 8.    

Roar, Lion, Roar.

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